15 November 2005

It's Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Once again, the Northern Hemisphere is slowly tilting away from the sun. It's time for us Tundra dwellers to make preperations for the inevitable sesonal shift, which, among other things, means putting winter rubber on the daily driver. Bye bye, Michelins, see ya in April. Hello, Blizzaks; I promise to go easy on you on those tight exit ramps.

We've had a wimpy November so far, so it's really only about four and a half more months of concrete overcast, filthy cars, and no motorcycles. Ya know, without the NHL and my Sorels, life here could get pretty bleak.


flamer said...

One word: Tweel


OctaneBoy said...

That Tweel (or whatever) is damned ugly. Methiks aesthetics is a higher hurdle than is engineering with this one.

Of course there are some really ugly things selling like crazy: