14 November 2005

Backward Twice does not Equal Forward

Reporters without any insight of their own kept prying Mayor Randy Kelly for reasons he lost to the Other Guy. They specifically asked Kelly about being abandoned at the voting booth by his own people; blue-collar, moderate Democrats on St. Paul's east side. Kelly said what very few dare say, especially in lilly-white, guilt-ridden, pure-of-thought Minnesota, that his travels to Asia, and his embracing of Hmong immigration is not popular on St. Paul's east side, where many of the immigrants settle. Quite literally, and quite embarrassingly, the East Side has had enough of the influx. Of course, no one will say such things in polite company, even thought the poll results scream it, and, amazingly, Randy Kelly is punished further for telling the truth. Get a load of this (shockingly) from the StarTribune:

Randy Kelly has attributed his loss, in part, to his position on immigration and his support of the Hmong community. He said, "There is no question that being supportive of the immigrants was not popular, particularly on the East Side and Rice Street areas." Kelly should not blame the election results on the Hmong community; he lost this race all by himself. As a resident of the East Side, I welcome anyone to St. Paul who is hard-working and wants to contribute to the growth of this great city, no matter if you were born in Nicaragua or in Norway.


I'm not sure I've ever seen anything so utterly backward.

Either you are stupid, Pakou, or the DFL Mystery Machine has gotten to you. Kelly is not blaming Hmong community for his defeat. He's blaming the lack of support of the Hmong community among non-Hmong voters, who happened to be Kelly's core prior to this election. As mayor, Randy Kelly welcomed hard working folk who want to strengthen their community, just like you, Hang.

Here's where your logic left you: Part of a strong community is political participation and good voter turnout. If the Hmong had supported Kelly at the polls the way Kelly supported Hmong immigrants as mayor, he'd still be in office today.

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