28 October 2005

Prepare to Cancel the Cable Internet

TOKYO (AFX) - Japan's second-largest electric utility firm, Kansai Electric Power Co, said it has developed technology allowing the transmission of a two-hour movie in 0.5 seconds.


flamer said...

This Kansai?


You might want to hold on to comcast for a bit yet.

OctaneBoy said...

2. Causes of the Accident

The direct cause of the accident is that the pipe thinning due to erosion and corrosion was overlooked for many years because the pipe in question was mistakenly missing from the inspection list. Further investigations revealed that the root causes of the accident were the poor maintenance management and insufficient quality assurance systems of KEPCO, with the background of the KEPCO’s declined safety culture.


Flamer said...

Sure I can download 120 movies every minute, but wait till they all explode in your face due to KEPCO's declined safety culture.
Then you'll be sorry you dumped the DSL....

Back here in the states our power companies had a plan for the internet that involved using the exisiting power grid. No need for Ethernet cables, the data would ride on the back of your AC power at blazing speeds.
Not sure why that didn't fly. It'd be worth looking up.