08 November 2005

Can You Smell What Chirac is Cookin?

New from the Parisian kitchens, a recipe for Franco Hell. Take one part uncontrolled immigration, add the West's most anemic and permissive posture on assimilation, simmer over flat-line economic growth for 20 years, and viola!

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline watches a former Clinton flunkie wade through these modern times and posits this conclusion:

In a certain kind of liberal universe, French Muslim rioters are victims who want nothing more than to enjoy the bourgeoise pleasures of secular France.

Iraqi Muslims, by contrast, have little yearning for freedom, self-government, and prosperity, preferring civil war, a Saddam-style strong man, and/or a theocracy. They are victims of U.S. aggression, which denies them these things, at least temporarily.


flamer (khofi's kid) said...

Brilliant headline! Think of it yourself?

flamer (khofi's kid) said...
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OctaneBoy said...

If I say no, it's not true. If I say yes, I watch too much low-rent TV.