18 November 2005

Scream News Versus Actual News

All over the land, the dinosaur media screams it: "Former warhawk congressman and Viet Nam vet calls for immediate withdrawl from Iraq." Murtha smart, Bush dumb, Sunni quagmire, wonk, wonk, wonk.

My whole spin on this guy is that he loves his job more than his integrity, and will say anything to suck up to his newly redistricted reality; anyhting to avoid a primary challence, eh, Mutha?

But my spin is not complete, and Larry Kudlow has more on Representative John Murtha:
Murtha has been holding the white surrender flag in his hand for quite some time. The fact that the flag is now hoisted high above his head is not news. Not by a long shot.
The story isn't really Murtha. The story is either how big media is either so editorially lazy, or so easliy duped, or so willing to play along with Howard Dean.

Or both.

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flamer said...

Big media is in cover-your-ass mode.
They realize that to continue to try to sell their audience on the lies that started this war means that they will go down with the S.S. Bush.
Watch as they distance themselves further each day that Bush's numbers are down.

Speaking of which: