18 November 2005

Daily Hypocrisy

As religious fascists continue to kill Muslims in Iraq and terrorize Muslims elsewhere, Cold Hearted Truth nails it on the phony domestic outrage over alleged Quran abuse.

As the men dug, 12-year-old Sarkhel Akram collected copies of the Quran, the Muslim holy book, then she kissed them and put them away.

So is it wrong for Americans to drop the Koran by mistake, but OK for terrorists to blow one up? WHERE is the outrage???

1 comment:

flamer said...


What kind of a muslim would deface the Koran?

I mean really...


(Providing, of course, that it actually was muslims.....)

It was strange that the bombings came just in time to show Murtha that he's gone too soft.
"We really DO need to keep our troops there...