09 January 2006

You Can Not Make it Up

The Senior Pickled Senator from the State of Massachusetts is following in the lauded footsteps of Madonna and Stanley Williams by writing a book for the kiddies. Knowing what we know about Speedway Teddy, one cannot but be amused by the name he chose for the protagonist dog in the story; "Splash." Not exactly "Profiles in Courage," but who can compete with legacy?

Teddy working in "Children's literature;" thank God he's not reaching beyond himself. Do you suppose he'll follow this release with his take on American History?
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), hosting a morning roundtable with reporters, had nothing nice to say about Alito. "We here in the United States are not going to stand for monarchial tyranny," he said, protesting Alito's support for "unfettered, unlimited power of the executive." He faulted Alito for belonging to a group that was "anti-black and also anti-women." Kennedy wondered if "the average person is going to be able to get a fair shake" under Alito. Briefly, Kennedy rewrote the outcome of the 1964 election. "This nominee was influenced by the Goldwater presidency," he said. "The Goldwater battles of those times were the battles against the civil rights laws." Only then did Kennedy acknowledge that "Judge Alito at that time was 14 years old."
For as much of a pantsload this guy is, you know Howard Dean will have him front and center come convention time. When will Massachusetts ever develop any sense of shame over recycling this clown over and over?

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