31 January 2006

GM: Gross Mediocrity

We built excitement . . . (sigh).

Not even the Midas touch of Oprah (via her million-minion army) could light enough fire underneath the Pontiac G6.
Lukewarm sales of the new Pontiac G6 sedan, featured by the talk show host in a massive giveaway last year, have prompted General Motors Corp. to cut production of the car beginning in April. GM said the Orion Township plant where the car is built will reduce G6 output by more than 10 percent and lay off an unspecified number of workers.

While GM blames the decision on intense competition in the midsize car market, industry analysts say the automaker has made key missteps with the vehicle that also may have stunted sales.
I saw a TV ad for this thing the other day. The giant-voiced announcer said that the G6 had features the competition cannot touch, first among them was a the 4-panel sunroof. Yea, right. I recall my grandfather lamenting that every Chrysler he bought from 1948 to 1979 was nice, but none ever featured that keystone of classic motoring - the 4 panel sunroof.

Note to GM - I'm a car guy to the bone, and I fell ass-over-tea kettle in love with my car after a brisk 10 minute test drive. I got out and yelled "I'll take it," never noticing it didn't even have a sunroof, much less a gimmicky one.

I don't understand GM. They have 3 products; the CTS-V, the Z06 and an endless variety of rental cars.

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