03 January 2006

Shoulder Back On the Wheel

Back to work today; let's see, which exit do I take . . . where's my desk . . . what's my computer password? It's all pretty foggy, and I'm a guy that likes my job.

Anyway, a fella can do a lot in 16 days when he doesn't have to go to work. I washed to dogs, saw two movies, checked out a photography exhibit, regrouted the shower, saw the Wild beat the Canucks, got the coolant and brake fluid changed in the rocket, replaced the kitchen faucet, ate at Rooster's and Mickey's, saw friends in from Ann Arbor, completed a full assessment and organization of all the clothes I own, got my 6-city region to 100,000 residents in SimCity4, watched live as Liverpool dispatched Newcastle, Everton, West Bromich Albion, only to draw with Bolton, got myself started on 4 books that will likely become future blog fodder, went to Mall of America once (I weep for the future), spent some time reading the paper in coffee shops with the other insufferable intellectuals, and drank beer around a roaring fire outdoors as 2005 came to an arbitrary close.


lesslawn said...

congrats on the 100,000 mark -- i won't ask how many hours you've put into it!

dare i ask if, during your clothing reorg and assessment, you relied upon don aslett's *clutter's last stand*, which includes handy questions that help you decide whether to keep or toss? (on mention of aslett's name, fellow decluttering geeks arise and cheer!)

OctaneBoy said...

For all my decluttering efforts, I roll freelance.