10 January 2006

I Can't Wait to Fleece the People

Is there really anything creepier than a politician so eager and proud to raise taxes?
Next year we WILL have a property taxincrease comparable to other cities. The only question remains will that be enough, which is why Jay (Benanav) should be congratulated for looking outsidethe box for revenue and the further involvement of our colleges anduniversities in building our city. We now have a seven member city council and a mayor willing to work together to get us through this with continued momentum towards making St. Paul a great city . . .
Blah, blah, blah. What a freak Thune is. He actually thinks you can tax a society into greatness. Thankfully we have finer minds, like George Will, for perspective.
The way to reduce rent-seeking is to reduce the government's role in the allocation of wealth and opportunity. People serious about reducing the role of money in politics should be serious about reducing the role of politics in distributing money. But those most eager to do the former -- liberals, generally -- are the least eager to do the latter.

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