17 January 2006

Surprise; Quacking From a Duck

Over at the entirely predictable video clipping site Crooks & Liars (hey John, any clips of Biden from the Alito hearings? Didn't think so), there's a clip of George Clooney accepting a Golden Globe Award. Clooney surprised me by not having anything gracious to say or anyone to thank, so, given the room he was working, and stuck with the time he was expected to kill, he reached way out there for a Jack Abramoff joke; you know, the anti-administration, guilt-by-association move made so popular by Joe McCarthy. It's the whole "All I have to do to look better is to make you look worse" racket.

Anyway, I thought was most amusing for Clooney (pot) to be contracting (black kettle) Abramoff's name into a slang term for masturbation, all while fist-pumping his Golden Globe Award before a room of full of gushing, adoring fans. It seems Hollywood checks its irony at the door.

Like Mel Allen would have said, "How about that!"

Thanks to Flamer for the tip.


Oberon said...

......howdy neighbor.......how about an airplane.....can you drive an airplane?

OctaneBoy said...

My flight skills are neither recognized nor endorsed by any federal agency, but I have seen "Midway" several times.

I cannot say I've completely grasped your blog yet, but I can say with certainty that you are usung the medium exactly in the way it's intended.