19 January 2006

Laws For Thee But Not For Me

"Your laws don't apply to me, I am correct in thought and deed. I am not subject to your laws and customs, and am impervious to your prosecution, for I am a Green!"

Two months after losing his Minneapolis City Council re-election bid under a cloud of corruption allegations, Dean Zimmermann was indicted Wednesday on charges of taking money and seeking favors from developers while he was in office.

Zimmermann, the third (Minneapolis) council member in five years accused of using his office for personal gain, doesn't deny that he took $7,200 in cash from one developer and asked another to do a construction project on his former partner's property.

"We do know the FBI has been going after the Green Party all around the country," Zimmermann, 63, said Wednesday at his Whittier neighborhood home.

No, Dean, you idiot, the FBI goes after criminals. That's why you are under indictment. Call us when you're acquitted and tell us how acquiring building materials and getting you legal bills paid equate to doing the work of the people.

Zimmerman's just another fraud blinded by his own hubris. It's not like there's any shortage of lefty crooks in city government over there. On thing he does have going for him: The Minneapolis Monolith is totally on his side.
We in the media aren't supposed to play favorites, so I'd better be straight about this. I can't help but like Green Party Dean and his spouse. And it's not just because they use recipes from the Star Tribune. They're warm and earthy.

How many of those Washington political dandies who allegedly have been accepting millions of dollars from lobbyist Jack Abramoff could get into the dirt and build a retaining wall?
I dunno, Doug; if you find any let us know and they'll be burned with Zimmerman. But until then, just go ahead and keep the smear coming.

I guess I just don't have my head right; political corruption is really OK if it's your politician.

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