30 January 2006

We Stand on Guard For Thee

But not for your non-politically correct opinions; those may be illegal.
TORONTO - Don Imus has been fingered by Canada's TV watchdog for calling Muslims "brainwashed" and "stinking animals" during a 2004 broadcast that aired here on MSNBC Canada. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications
Commission, in a rare judgment of U.S. programming airing on Canadian airwaves, said Friday that the veteran U.S. broadcaster had uttered abusive comments that breached Specialty Services Regulations introduced in 1990.
(Aryan accent) Surely you received your copy of the Peoples Speaking Code Guidelines . . . I mean the Special Services Regulations published by the Ministry of Truth.

The CRTC said it was responding especially to one written complaint that questioned why the regulator had imposed restrictions on the distribution of Al Jazeera in Canada to guard against slurs against Jews or Israel and not place similar
restrictions on a service such as the American MSNBC service. The regulator said most complaints it received after New York-based Imus made comments during the live broadcast of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's funeral cited a comment that most Palestinians might be upset "because Arafat stole billions of dollars from them, and they are all eating dirt. And the fat, big wife is living in Paris."
Pay no mind to that nation with nothing like our Bill of Rights.

This is what you get when the government runs the broadcasting (and the airline, and the railroad, and the health care industry, and the national pension scam and . . . .)

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