19 April 2007

The People You Elect

Don't just follow the instructions of the Most Glorious Peoples' Party as they would otherwise command, choose a person who is not actually an idiot.

Example 1:
Tucker Carlson scrounged up a copy and put a simple question to her: since she’s so worried about weapons with barrel shrouds, could she at least explain to the viewers what a “barrel shroud” is?
I didn't think so. Follow the link to see the video.

Example 2:

What is curious about Reid's statement, as NPR and some news outlets have noted, is not Reid's criticism of Alito -- Reid opposed Alito's confirmation -- but the fact that Reid supported, and voted for, the federal statute upheld in yesterday's decision. Reid was one of 17 Senate Democrats voting in favor of the bill in 2003.

Congress; you make us so proud.

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