27 April 2007

From Government; Here to Help, etc.

Here's a little scenario for you to consider as more and more of the people you elect promise to provide your every need and protect you from every danger by the gentle and benevolent hand of government:
We now know that Kathryn Johnston fired only a single bullet, through the door as police were trying to break in. They responded with a storm of bullets, which apparently both wounded Johnston and the officers themselves. When they realized their fatal error, they planted cocaine and marijuana in the woman's home. They then pressured an uninvolved informant to testify to having made controlled buys at Johnston's home to cover their tracks.

Kathryn Johnston obviously didn't know that the invaders forcing their way into her home were police. She had the right to defend her home. That's true now that we know that the drugs the police claim to have found in her home were planted. But it would have been just as true if she were, say, a medical marijuana user. Or if someone had been using her porch as a drug perch without her knowledge.
Shot to death in her own home, during an ill-conceived no-knock raid, executed under false pretense and then covered up by even more systemic crookedness. The often-abused phrase 'travesty of justice' applies perfetly here.

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