13 April 2007

Hot Earth Part 1

Just a little insight on how Big Media's more than happy to play the hype card in spite of any truth to the contrary.
Those stranded polar bears on the shrinking Arctic ice - victims of global warming - certainly tugged at the heart-strings. That photo was published not only in the Sunday Telegraph. It made it onto the front page of the New York Times. And the International Herald Tribune. It also ran in London's Daily Mail, The Times of London and Canada's Ottawa Citizen - and that's just to name a few. All used it as evidence of global warming and the imminent demise of the polar bear. But the photo wasn't current. It was two and a half years old. And it wasn't snapped by Canadian environmentalists.It was taken by an Australian marine biology student on a field trip. And in what month did she take it? The time of year was August, summer.
It only gets better in the part where Al Gore paid for the photo.

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