02 April 2007

Can't Cope? Legislate!

What happens when someone retires, runs out of things to do, becomes obsessive and focuses on one thing on Earth? Why, they get published!
One major source of urban noise, that of motorcycles, is optional and totally unnecessary. In the Northern climate, it is clear that motorcycles are not an integral part of our transportation system for they cannot be operated during our long winter.
I wonder what this putz thinks of electric vehicles which are useless on a winter day in Minnesota.
As pleasure vehicles, motorcycles tend to operate in groups and to concentrate in particular and limited traffic patterns. And, as pleasure vehicles, they are often operated in a manner that brings juvenile emotional satisfaction to their owners but distress to those who live nearby. The effect of all these behaviors is to saturate certain roadways of our city with high and excessive levels of noise.
Tend. Nice generalization. I guess we'll all take your word for it.
I urge that we adopt a policy to limit the use of parkways by motorcyclists -- as we have for trucks -- and thereby distribute their noise over a larger area.
Charles lives on a parkway. Charles doesn't like motorcycles. Charles want the government to take care of seemingly the only problem Charles has. I guarantee you that given the chance to investigate, I can find out something that Charles does out of pure folly or joy and make an equally compelling (and preposterous) reccomendation of why there should be a policy against it.
Further, as is done is some cities today, an ordinance should be established prohibiting the modification of original-equipment mufflers through modification or replacement if the result is to increase the level of emitted noise.
Large Government solution - the only way for some people. Beyond the notion of loud motorcycles; good or bad, we've got an even better sign of the times: Here is the largest newspaper in the state of Minnesota publishing the selfish rants of one person who's 'got his' and wants to make sure no one else ruins it in his eyes.

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