18 April 2007

Craven in a World of Stupid

I thought this was too brazen to be believed, but then when I see how most of society is just coasting through life, this shouldn't be so surprising:
With about as much discussion as you would expect for a road-cleaning resolution, the seven members of the Ramsey County Board raised their salaries by 25 percent, to $80,000, on Tuesday.

The board based its decision on a study it paid a public relations firm to conduct. The study paid no attention to lower-paid or unpaid boards such as St. Paul City Council ($50,896 per member), St. Paul School Board ($10,800), the Metropolitan Council ($20,000), the Metropolitan Airports Commission ($50 per meeting) and the University of Minnesota Board of Regents (no pay or benefits). The PR firm focused on other county commissioners (Hennepin County board members pay themselves $90,276) and on full-time professional managers. It recommended the $80,000 salary that the board ultimately adopted. The study never mentioned the benefit package board members receive - health, dental and life insurance; pension; free parking in downtown St. Paul; mileage reimbursement.
Read it all. There's a great punch line at the end of this joke.

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