24 April 2007

Not Looking Out For You Anytime Soon

Tee Vee news cares less and less about making you smarter. Job #1 is to deliver your carcass to Arbitron. In this case, it's MSNBC.

So, MSNBC features analysis from a "retired ATF agent" who also happens to be: (1) Member of an organization that is apparently a gun control front; (2) in the employ of Handgun Control Inc, the premier handgun control lobbying group in the country (aka the Brady folks); and (3) supports legal actions against firearm dealers.

And they fail to mention this affiliation at all in their story. Surely they knew Mr. Vince's bio when they sought him out for comment. It's almost as if MSNBC has some sort of agenda to push or something and doesn't want it audience to be informed.

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