27 April 2007

Doing My Part for the Protection Racket

I love it when my tax money goes for union thuggery close to home:

Basically, the PLA scheme was sold to the MOA officials on the basis that they could reduce costs and ensure "labor peace." Both of these propositions are erroneous. First, by limiting the bidding pool to union-only contractors you reduce healthy competition and drive up costs, almost guaranteeing wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars. Second, the unions also agreed not to strike in exchange for the concession that all MOA workers must be hired through union halls. They contend this saves money by avoiding costly delays and keeping labor peace.

The real meaning of labor peace is that, since only union labor will be working on the future MOA project, unions will not engage in strikes. In any other realm an agreement not to disrupt business in return for an economic concession would be clearly identified as a protection racket.

Pay no mind to the available labor pool and the free markets it promotes; we will have union brothers hammering those nails - YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?

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