17 November 2006

What He Said

I was going to skewer the missing-in-action John Edwards (remember him?) over his raving hypocrisy. Seems that he's made a second career out of bashing Wal-Mart, but when his brats need a PlayStation 3, it his senatorial staff to the rescue, armed with name dropping, hubris and no discernable sence of irony so common in your Al-e-Gore-ical limousine liberal.

Anyway, I was going swing at the first offering and call Edwards a power-blinded fathead clown, but Jeff Taylor waits for the right pitch and hits hit hard to the gap:

The slapstick of the Edwards misstep should not obscure the really big picture, the fatal flaw in his "Two Americas" spiel. Many thousands of Americans evidently have $600 to spend on a video game machine. What's more, this Christmas is expected to usher in the year of the flat-panel. With price points dropping below the $1000 mark, high-end TVs are moving down-market fast with Wal-Mart leading the way.

Contrary to the Edwards' pitch that labor-hostile companies are leaving American workers destitute, somebody is making some money out there in America. More importantly, they are making it in many, many cases without a union card. This reality will very hard for union-funded Democrats like Edwards to ignore as the 2008 presidential campaign unfolds. Hewing to the union rules, clear evidence of prosperity, like perhaps a shortage of $600 game machines, will have to be swept out of the campaign.

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