11 November 2006

New Steed in the Barn

Pop added a new noisemaker to the fleet.

This SS was originally screwed together in 1964, but it's been recently gutted and and reassembled with purpose: Solid-lifter 348, 3x2 Rochesters, Offy valve covers, 4-speed, PosiTriaction, all new interior, American Racing wheels, all painted '98 Corvette Medium Pearl Purple (95U), which is appropriate, since the first Impala Chevrolet showed the public (at the 1956 Mororama) was a Corvette-based show car.

It's only 2-wheel drive and it's carburated, but is has other virtues - like a back seat thoroughly tested and approved by some of Topeka society's most elite members.

Vroom . . .

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