08 November 2006

Election Day Boogie

Well, if you include the Wild losing to the Sharks, I went 2 for 10 yesterday. Got to keep my governor and sheriff, but that's about it.

I vote in a church basement, like many do, I imagine. It was a nice walk after dinner; must've been 50 degress. My precinct was a paper 'n' pencil set up, and continues to work very well. Same retired folks running it as always. I went during prime time, and it all took maybe 10 minutes in and out. Neal Boortz didn't have such a good experience.

I said "Look, you have two women sitting at this table doing nothing. You have an empty computer screen at the 'A' table. Why not let one of these ladies work that screen to see if you can shorten that line?" (The poll manager) just looked at me with a blank stare. At this point one of the two ladies working the 'M' table said "We can check those people in here!" Again ... blank stare from the poll manager. "Can you let some of the people in that line come over here to be checked in?" I asked? Blank stare.

As the line was shifting I heard a woman say "This is what it's going to be like with government health care."

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