21 November 2006

Self-Important Media Has Its Own Minor League

Background first:
Stackhouse pulled out his gun and started waving it around. Lambert, who is a strong gun rights activist and member of the National Rifle Association, reached into his pocket and pulled out his gun. "I did a more proper draw out and up, and of course at that point I said, 'Drop it,' Lambert said. "He said he didn't want any trouble. He just wanted to leave. I said, 'You're not leaving with that gun.' Of course, I was using some profanities. I have to confess in a tense situation I can have a potty mouth." Lambert says Stackhouse dropped his gun on the floor and fled. He left his driver's licence at the business. Knox county authorities arrested him several hours later.
Quick review - business owner uses legally-owned and carried gun to disarm a creep and prevent more crime; okay let's move on. Big time print news has it's problems - declining readership, ad revenue drying up, relevance and perspective in question . . . but that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of hitters in the minors waiting to be called to the big show. Check out the elitist swagger on these losers in Knoxville:
If his version of the event is to be believed, he warded off a robbery attempt by drawing his own pistol when a 19-year-old who had been feigning a car buy pulled a pistol and pointed it at him. In a standoff, he says he got the young man to drop his weapon and depart, leaving his drivers license behind.

Lambert called the sheriff’s department, whose officers proceeded to track down the alleged assailant and arrest him on a charge of attempted aggravated robbery. As Metro Pulse went to press, the accused is being held in lieu of $15,000 bond. Though the car lot is in the city of Knoxville, Lambert says he called for sheriff deputies because he wanted “my own people” to respond.
So what? The law is the law.

Just because he is a county commissioner does not mean that sheriff’s officers are Lambert’s “own people.” He does not own or control the sheriff’s office. Nor should he expect special favors from that office. Besides the arrogance of the position he took on who should perform the investigation, Lambert’s explanation shows unwarranted contempt for the Knoxville Police Department.
I'll bet it hurt them terribly to include this in their tantrum:

We should point out that under the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Lambert has the right to keep and bear arms, and under Tennessee law, Lambert has the right to carry his pistol concealed, having passed the required tests of his knowledge of gun safety and gun usage.
The weeping continues:
Steer clear of Lumpy Lambert unless you have armed security handy and have plenty of witnesses around. We said Lambert was a clown and shouldn’t be elected to the Commission, and what he’s been displaying since he was sworn in does nothing to change our opinion, which worsens with each of his show-off maneuvers. We didn’t think he was really dangerous. Now we’re not so sure.
How typical of this crowd; completely dismissive of felons running loose in the streets (and even painting them in a warm light), but ready to put the 'cuffs on a law-abiding businessman and public servant because he happened to save his own life with, of all things; a gun.

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