14 November 2006

Hero of the Day

Here's to you Eddie Brown (there's video):
But the situation took a drastic turn once Brown and one of the gunmen exited the house. Brown pushed his attacker against a tree, twisted the gun away, hit the gunman with his own weapon and threw him down to the sidewalk, where traces of blood could still be seen Tuesday afternoon.

Brown then returned, gun in hand, back into the house and confronted the other intruder, who immediately turned and fled the scene.

Brown said he wasn't thinking of his own safety when he decided to turn the tables on the gunmen."As long as they're safe, I'm OK. That's why I did what I did," said Brown.
Every day, Eddie has to face two kinds of gangs; the kind that would kick in your door and threaten your family and the kind that wants to deny Second Amendment rights to Americans and make all of us impotent victims to lawbreakers.

Our hat is off to you Mr. Brown; way to step up.

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