13 November 2006

Calling Charlie Out

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY): "Who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?"

Is there anything more loathsome than northeast elitism?

Mr. Rangel's defense has been that, as a New Yorker, he couldn't imagine wanting to live anywhere else. Yet many of his fellow New Yorkers can. Between 2000 and 2005, the overall American population increased 5.3%. While neither Mississippi nor New York matched that figure, Mississippi topped the Empire State, experiencing population growth of 2.7%, compared to 1.5% for New York. Of course, that growth is due mainly to international immigration in each state, but the data on internal migration — people moving from one state to another — aren't any more encouraging.

Mississippi experienced an outflow of 0.7 people per 1,000 residents between April 2000 and July 2005 (pre-Hurricane Katrina). Yet New York lost 10 residents for every 1,000 living here during the same time. In other words, the rate at which we're losing population exceeds the Magnolia State by a factor of more than 10.

No doubt that has at least something to do with the business climate, a ranking of which was recently released by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council and found that New York ranked 45th in the nation, a one-position drop from its finish last year. Mississippi finished seventh in each year.

Charlie Rangel - dumbass.

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