24 June 2006

Ten Thousand Reasons Al Queda Hates Us

Every summer, the Minnesota Street Rod Association fills the state fairgrounds with a whole lotta cars that all happen to have been screwed together by 1964.

Yup; they got everything. Big, little, stock, outrageous, some burning high-octane racing fuel, some burning oil, but every one has a story. Every one is individual. Every one represents the wonderful things that go on in a free society.

It's impossible to pick a favorite, even if you suffer from narrow tastes. For me, one rock-solid test of a hot rod's appeal is the "gallons test." Flip a car on it's back like a capsised turtle. The more water it holds in its fenders, the cooler the car. To wit:

For a car guy, the annual summer show is a must. For fundamentalsit Muslim freaks, it's death by 10,000 cuts.

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