09 June 2006

Chalk One Up for Mr. Stockman

Stockman reminds us over at The Motley Fool that Zarqawi got blown up in . . . a safe-house.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

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flamer said...

Looking at the explosions, and then at the clean face of Zarqawi one has to wonder how that happened. And now the official story changes daily. First he was killed instantly, then he died at the scene, then he was alive until they got him to a hospital, then he was ID'd by his tatoos, oh wait, he didn't have any tatoos...
Something's not right here...

I'm sure in the next few days we will hear from a soldier who worked ferverently to keep him alive on the trip to the hospital. I think they will work very hard to insure that we all understand that he was alive in that house when they bombed it.

Because, I think, he wasn't.
He's been dead for ages, kept alive in name only by an administration that needed a boogey man to stay in Iraq.
So why now?
Is Bush planning to annouce a troop pullout to improve his numbers, but then end up keeping them there when he goes to war with Iran? They're pretty conveniently placed for that.

I guess we'll see...