21 June 2006

The Light of 21 June

Summer's here. Don't miss it.

Do summer stuff. Read in a park. Kick a ball. Open the windows. Let the dog get dirty, because you can always wash 'em outside when you get home.

Summer-y lunch today - Zwielbenkuken, spaetzel, carrot/apple salad and sweet & sour red cabbage. Only thing missing was a pilsner and a nap.

They're making an effort to play summer-y tunes on KEXP today. Thankfully the disc was skipping when the trotted out the cliche "Hot Fun in the Summertime." C'mon, staff, let's move on.

Last Saturday on Sound Opinions, Greg and Jim also worked over summer music including an interesting discussion of "All Summer Long" by the Beach Boys. They said while the band's trademark soaring harmonies are without peer, Brian Wilson also deserved credit for being a terrific lyricist, and that he shows a bit of beach band subversion in that song.

Miniature golf and Hondas in the hills. When we rode the horse we got some thrills.

Again, Brian Wilson; here's a guy, they continued, who did not surf, didn't particularly like to drive, didn't like to leave his house, didn't like his brothers, or the band, or stardom, yet he had the summer teen experience lyrically nailed. Check out the podcast of the show from the site.

Sunset isn't until 9:37 in Noyes.

Solstice. Wring it out.

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