14 June 2006

Head Up Municipal Ass

Minneapolis: What a shithole.

My credit card number was stolen, presumably in Minneapolis, while I still retain the card. They found the number, perhaps by stealing mail, perhaps by lifting it from a purchase I made. Several purchases were made using it, including 3 Chinese takeout orders totaling 150 bucks, a Topper's pizza order for 40, and the kicker, a payment to someone's Time Warner Cable account---to the tune of $276.

Easy enough, right? There is someone's name on this cable account, I would call that a lead....right? Well, the Minneapolis fraud investigators wouldn't. When I called the fraud unit, after I took all appropriate measures to ensure that my card and credit were taken care of, I was not able to talk to an investigator. I left a message, with the information that my card was used to credit an existing cable account, as well as an address that a Topper's pizza was delivered to. And I asked them to PLEASE call me (understand you are busy, etc). No phone call, no correspondence, for several weeks. Then, I got a letter. "I'm sorry, Mr _________, but your case does not meet the 'threshold for investigation' at this time.

In my mailbox, on this same day, was a letter from city of Minneapolis code inspectors insisting that I mow a foot wide strip of weeds in between the garages on the alleyside of my house, or face a hefty fine.


flamer said...

They must be too busy tracking down "terrorists"

OctaneBoy said...

No, that's the feds keystone copping after the terrorists. In Minneapolis, there is no tracking down of anything.