16 June 2006

Generation of the Spoiled

Among the greatest unreported stories in this country are tuition gouging at 4-year universities. At 10-20 times the rate of inflation, the post-secondary educational-industrial complex is a cash machine that would make oil companies salivate. Another story no one is touching is the fantastically high standard of living among those classified as "America's poor" by politicians. Show me anyone in the 'hood without a cell phone, spotless Miami Heat jersey and plenty of smokes & booze. Or with only one clip for the 9, in some cases.

The other huge unreported story is the entire generation of people who are incapable of living with the decisions they make (or don't make). Help me, elected officials, for I have no retirement income. Help me, insurance company, for I need my stomach stapled. Oh no, I'm in the left lane and this is my turn. No matter; I'll just cut across three lanes of traffic this instant to make a right turn because, deep down, I cannot cope with the emotional toil that comes from safely proceeding to the next intersection to turn around.

Here's another manifestation of all the adult children out there who cannot cope with themselves:
SUV owners who are faced with rising gas prices have found a new way to get out from under their high car payments — arson.

After the car was torched, the owners would then contact their insurance company and report their vehicle stolen, expecting their debt to be cancelled. Instead, they were investigated for insurance fraud.

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