01 June 2006

Like Sands Through the Hourglass . . .

so are the bounces of Little Green Footballs. Start at the top and keep reading. It's very intersteing and revealing.
At 3:23 am, this creature used our contact form to send the following email with the obviously phony Hotmail address ‘zionistpig@hotmail.com’ and the subject line, “You bunch of wankers.”

I look forward to the day when you pigs get your throats cut....

Well, isn’t that tolerant. But this particular death threat is a bit different from the run of the mill hate mail we get around here, because an IP lookup on the sender reveals that he/she/it was using an account at none other than Reuters News: RIPE
Whois Database:
It's quite the saga and is an efeective demonstration of how good detective work should be among the most highly-compesnated skills on Earth.

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