26 February 2006

Where There's Smoke, There's Liberal Hypocrisy

"Do as I say, not as I pretend to not do." via Joe Soucheray in the Pioneer Press:

(Mayor Chris) Coleman rode in on a big anti-tobacco white horse and made a bold promise of how he shared (Councilman) Thune's belief that it was up to politicians to safeguard the health of citizens . . . but you would think, just for the sake of appearances, politics being all about appearances these days, that he might have let the ink dry on his legislation to put bars and restaurants out of business before he lit one up.

If you signed Thune's misguided and intrusive legislation in the belief that you were doing the right thing for public health, then you don't get to smoke where somebody can see your hypocrisy firsthand. Oh, you get to smoke all you want, just like Thune does. You can smoke at home in front of the kids, you can smoke out in your garage, you can smoke when you are up at the lake in the fishing boat, just so long as nobody sees you. But you have disqualified yourself from smoking in public.


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