09 February 2006

A Special Place in Hell

All I can do is hope and believe that there's an extra-crispy annex in purgatory for the fools that have seen off the Grand Prix of Belgium.

Formula One will be without one of its most prestigious races this year following a decision to withdraw the Belgian Grand Prix from the calendar. Red Bull driver David Coulthard told the BBC the decision was disappointing. "It's a shame because it's one of the great circuits. Spa-Francorchamps is considered by many to be the finest racing circuit in the world and is a favourite of many of the F1 drivers.

There are some things too important to be left to the people in charge. To abdicate the stewardship of the Formula 1 race at Europe's finest practical race course should be a punishable by cruel and unusual circumstances.


Bob Stockman said...


A temporary glitch while they expand the pit to accommodate more cars and modernize things a bit. The problem is mostly politicians unable to move a project along in a timely manner. It'll be back better than ever if the don't mess up the bus stop chicane during the alterations. There are several long distance races held here every year and these changes hopefully will make it better.

OctaneBoy said...

I hope you're right, Bob. I also hope the cretins at SpeedTV show some of the other non-FIA events from SPA.