06 February 2006

Arjen Robben: Continental Pastry

It really was not unlike the closing scene of Hamlet at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. With Gudjohnsen and Robben going down with such thespian flair, one would think Liverpool's back four were armed with broadswords.

Jamie Redknapp - "For something so silly, I think I'd have booked Arjen Robben, to be honest. For me that's nothing. To go down like that is wrong and I'm sure he'll be embarrassed when he sees it. He'll be embarrassed by his behaviour.

Alan Hanson - (T)his wouldn't be the first time Robben has done something like this, so we can hardly say it is out of character. This is a continental trait. The foreign imports have brought many great things to our game, with their skill and technical ability, but they have also brought bad things. One of those is going down as if you have been shot when no-one has actually touched you. If referees don't act against footballers who pretend they have been hurt by nothing more than a pat on the face, then football will continue to suffer from this plague."

Rafael Benitez - "Maybe we need to go quickly because I must go to the hospital to see Robben. Maybe he is in the hospital now, [it is] unbelievable if you don't stop these things. Reina has done a mistake because he is under pressure but the other player dived so it is crazy to see a red card for this things and the number of kicks that you can see during the game, its crazy. Robben was talking with him, then Reina touched him, and it was a dive, it was so clear. Then Gallas went for Reina and maybe if Reina dive, maybe it is another red card, I don't understand these things."

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