06 February 2006

Keeping Up With Patty

I'm going to run for Senate. No, maybe not. I think I'll be Lieutenant Governor. Ah, on second thought, I won't join the Hatch ticket. Now I'm going to run for the House seat from the 6th District against Elwyn Tinklenberg. I know I told Elwyn I wouldn't oppose him, but I changed my mind.
Tinklenberg said Wetterling assured him many times that she wasn't going to get into the congressional race this year. His wife, Terri, even gave her Senate campaign $500. "I'm sad to say that I believe one of the things that has changed the most has been Patty," Tinklenberg said after Wetterling launched her campaign in a news conference. "We find it a little ironic that the money we contributed may now be used against us. It's disappointing."
Homespun grassroots energy, or old-school DFL political sanctimoniousness?

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