09 February 2006

Grapes of the New Wrath

Marc Cooper in LA Weekly:

At times my work has drawn criticism, protest, denunciation and condemnation. Yet not once has anything I’ve penned drawn the direct threat of a lawsuit. Not until now, that is. Sitting in front of me is a 20-page demand that threatens such action if the Weekly does not “correct” or retract what I have written. The threat doesn’t come from an offended Bush-administration official, nor from a fat-cat factory owner, nor a sweatshop operator. It comes, rather, from lawyers representing a union. The United Farm Workers.

I can fairly summarize its complaint by saying it vigorously disagrees with my suggestion that it has failed in its historic mission. When you consider that at most 2 percent of California’s farm workers are represented by the UFW, and that working conditions overall for those workers are in decline, it’s difficult to conclude otherwise. The UFW is free to dissent from that notion. But since this is still America, a difference of opinion is not, and should not be, the basis of a lawsuit.

Funny, I thought all the crushing of dissent came from the Oval Office and all it's lackeys. Here's a link to Cooper's original piece.

1 comment:

flamer said...

"Funny, I thought all the crushing of dissent came from the Oval Office and all it's lackeys."

Shit rolls downhill, Octaner.
Policy comes from the top.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
Trickle down theory.

You see, if it's ok for the guys in charge to do it, then it must be ok for everyone else. Even Democrats! Or labor unions!

Maybe the UFW needs to do some warrantless wiretaps. It would sure give them the competetive edge they're looking for.