14 February 2006

Danger; Banditos On the Move

Keep up your guard. The manic/depressive Minnesota legislature, the largest per capita in the nation, is about to mount up for another ride. Here's a heads-up reagarding the forthcoming stampede sure to trample your household's finances. The Democrat Faithful: There is never enough of your money for them.

The only thing they are capable of is spending tax money. Their sole purpose in life to redistribute wealth. As they become less connected with any part of the population that produces prosperity, they become more brazen with how they use confiscatory tax proposals to pay off their political base.

Democrats in the Minnesota Senate on Monday announced plans for a constitutional amendment that would increase the sales tax by one-fourth of 1 percent and dedicate the proceeds to conservation projects, as well as to zoos, arts programs and public broadcasting.

What, won't there be any earmarks for Big Education, the Sierra Club or MoveOn?

DFLers who proposed the tax increase stressed that it would amount to only 25 cents on each $100 purchase of taxable goods.

This is exactly the tactic demonized by Minneapolis DFL stoodges by those trying to get Hennipen County on board for a new baseball stadium, which (at last tally) was three cents on $20.

Sen. Dallas Sams, DFL-Staples, the sponsor of the Senate plan, said Democrats proposed their amendment as a tax increase to end a debate about what programs would be cut to allow more money for outdoors programs.

So nowhere in the state budget there is any built-in funding for outdoors programs (whatever that is)? What are you clowns spending all the money on now? Where do the millions spent on DNR and state parks come from now?

Rep. Tom Hackbarth of Cedar, the sponsor of 2005 sales-tax-dedication legislation that is still pending in the House, called the Democratic proposal "more of the same old baloney." He accused the Democrats of playing politics by announcing their plan in advance of Pawlenty's meeting today. "We will not do a bill in the House of Representatives if it's a tax increase," Hackbarth said. He also said he and many House Republicans want no part of a plan that would put arts programs and zoos (and public bleeping radio! - OB) into the funding mix with hunting and fishing projects.

Okay; one-quarter of one percent does not seem like much, but according to the nitwits pushing this jive, that'll still add up to nearly $190 million. At some point, this becomes real amounts of money. Hell, why stop with the crummy one-quarter of one percent? Let's make it three-quarters of a percent. That'd be more like $570 million. What's that matter, Democrats, don't you care about Minnesota? Let's go; jack up our taxes. We all want to care as much as you fools.

No shame at the capitol, and no integrity in the screwheads in the Minnesota Legislature.

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