12 August 2005

Wide World of Stuff

ITEM-Beavers; who gets 'em?
Their lake, located about 45 kilometres southeast of Whitehorse, disappeared overnight and people who prided themselves on their waterfront properties have been left high and dry. Cal Waddington's neighbours called him on Thursday night to tell him the lake was disappearing.
ITEM-Connecting the dots over at the UN:
This week’s report gives details of repeated meetings not only with AMEP’s president but also with Fred Nadler, a close friend of Mr Sevan’s revealed by the new report to be a director of AMEP as well. Mr Nadler controlled a Swiss bank account in a shell company’s name. Pennies off each barrel of oil sold by AMEP under the oil-for-food scheme went to the Swiss account, says the report, and money was withdrawn from it when Mr Sevan and/or Mr Nadler were in Geneva. Soon after, large sums of cash—mostly $100 bills—were paid into Mr Sevan’s American accounts. The Volcker committee thus claims a “reasonable sufficiency” of evidence that Mr Sevan was on the take. An American criminal investigation may now see if it can indict him.
ITEM-Michael Owen may get hisself back in the Premireship through a side door. Souness has got to get something going without Craig Bellamy and Darren Ambrose. I go back and forth on Newcastle. Seems like Spurs are easier to back for a mid-table side.

ITEM-The overall economic picture is looking pretty good, in spite of oil futures and Iraq, but that doesn't mean that the news made it to Moscow. Perhaps they really are Third World:

Is it all so bad with the US infrastructure? George W. Bush released the key statement, which dotted all i's at this point: the law is meant to generate more jobs and give an incentive to the economic development of the USA.

The triumphant leader of the world's strongest superpower would never utter such words. The above-mentioned statements from the American president do not characterize the USA as a great empire. Quite on the contrary, the White House is desperately looking for measures to find employment for crowds of unemployed American citizens and hungry migrants, which threaten to enrage the rest of the States.
I have to go now. There are crowds of unemployed American citizens and hungry immigrants coming down the street, and they threaten to enrage my neighbors.

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