03 August 2005

Mao Couldn't Have Died Soon Enough.

During the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution, Chairman Mao's Red Guards killed pet dogs by the tens of thousands, seeing them as symbols of the pampered bourgeoisie his Communist regime was out to eradicate.
I hope and pray that murdering megalomaniac is spinning in his grave; dog ownership is on the rise in China.
Shanghai is now home to more than 100,000 licensed pooches. The Shanghai Jinli Pet Company, one of the city's oldest, offers breeds like the Welsh Corgi for $1,800 — five times the annual income of an average Chinese farmer. Although small dogs are more prevalent due to the city's cramped living quarters, a massive Saint Bernard comes to Naughty Pets for his biweekly pedicure, trailed by a maid whose primary job appears to be wiping away his slobber with a towel.
Nice logic you commie stoodges: Exterminate the dog as a symbol of power and pampered elitism, and replace it with the state, making it the very embodiment of power and pampered elitism.

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