14 August 2005

Tee Vee

I have a nice television set, and I subscribe to DirectTV. That being said, TV is full of crap. From the vapid bleats of supposed journalists, to the glorification of the intellectually bankrupt, TV sucks.

Anyway, in spite of my wide paint brush, I am absolutely thrilled that the Discovery Channel has added Top Gear from the BBC. It's got all the depth and humor of proper British auto journals, and it's far more relevant to US audiences than most network idiots might comprehend. Along with American Hot Rod, American Chopper, Monster Garage and the like, Discovery is giving the all NASCAR Channel a run for my motorlust viewing. Old as it is, I still laugh when Jeremy Clarkson (channeling Groundskeeper Willie) refers to the French as cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

Also, there are few people who carry such disdain for everything celebrity like me, but I've found myself a bit disarmed by My Life on the D-List, which is a more-or-less reality series about the life of comedian Kathy Griffin. She's pretty level-headed, and it's interesting watching her navigate all the petty and moronic hell that is the entertainment industry.

Don't watch more TV. Just look at the 'better' TV.

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