22 August 2005

Between the Walrus and the F-Body

Happy Birthday to Sergent Pepper and the Summer of Love. Was 1967 really so long ago? It's also the 40th anniversary of those same Beatles playing The Met in Bloomington. As usual, the rube Minnesotans hardly used up the seating. Mr. Soucheray will tell you half of it was a walk-up crowd. Within a year of the sparsely-attended show, the lads would stop touring, and the tide began to recede.

Happy Birthday to the Camaro & Firebird; also products introduced as 1967 models. In that time-honored tradition of "us, too!" GM tried to build their own Mustang. Well, the genie can only leave the bottle once, but the F-body cars still proved to be both internationally notable and iconinc through their run. Then GM killed them to build a stupid cartoon truck. Nice going, waterheads.

Happy Birthday to me, by the way. I creak on for another year with minimal wear and tear. I've outlived the Camaro, but SPLHCB is surely timeless, so I guess I land somewhere in the middle. Today, the office, tonight Mexican food, tomorrow, just another day.


paul said...

The 'Summer of Love' link should be pointed here: http://www.onedigitallife.com/?p=162

Image linking is disabled on my server. The link above won't get through to the image.

OctaneBoy said...

So corrected. Thanks for the update.