14 August 2005

High Mileage Doggy

Happy Birthday to Bailey. Twelve years is a pretty good run for a dog that weighs more than 6 pounds. In terms of gray squirrel tormenting, she doesn't have the Whit Bazemore-like hole shot anymore, but she's ours and we ain't tradin' her. Bailey's, uh, Grandma sent a generous card from Kailua commemorating the event, and we all went to Battle Creek Park, which has a great off-leash area. We got to sniff dozens of others, and then we went to Petco for kau kau and crickets. Baily got a special bone that takes her old dog teeth into account, and she loved every bite.

Bailey is a big reason I married the gal I did. The Mrs. got the dog a few months before she found me. Baily was plenty protective for a Golden Retriever, growling at most males that breached the perimeter, but immediately sat on my lap when I came calling. The rest is history.

Oh yeah; it's world-class summer perfect on the Tundra today. After running around a lot between 9:45 AM and 2:30 PM; it's now summer cocktail time: Tequila for the Mrs., and Jim Beam for me.

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