21 August 2005

On the Topic of Music

Because I know you come here for exceptional music recommendations, I will oblige.

I've added SomaFM to the internet radio station list on the right column. I admit I'm not clever enough to use the ACC Stream, but most channels are available as WMP. I discovered it recently when I was in a Geek Squad precinct getting my computer straightened out.

Also now to my fortress of music are the following singles:

"Copacabana" by Anderson Noise
"Neighborhood 3 (Power Out) by Arcade Fire
"Please Break My Heart" by Caitlin Carey and Thad Cockrell
"Endless Factories" by Division of Laura Lee
"Gone Darker" by Elecrtelane
"Your Little Hoodrat Friend" by The Hold Steady
"Cheap Linguistics" by Magneta Lane
"Departures" by The Karminsky Experience

I've also been wearing out the digital grooves on "Hollywood Barn Dance" by The Dave and Deke Combo, Canned Heat's eponymous 1967 release, 'cuz it's the blues.

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