25 April 2009

What 100 Days Hath Wrought

We've had the near nationalization of private industry, the saddling of the citiznery with bazillions of future costs with no congressional filtering, and don't forget all the great appointees who are steering the ship.

But don't let any of this trivia get you down. As day 100 approaches, America's media watchdogs will be stampedeing each other to get their laurles and worship before the public's eyes:
(W)atch him walk. Listen to him talk. See the body language, the expressions, the clothes. He’s got attitude, rhythm, a sense of humor, contemporary tastes.

This much is clear: Whether dealing with the Wall Street mess, shifting troops from Iraq to Afghanistan or fumbling to fill his Cabinet, Obama leans heavily on personal panache to push political policies. Truth be told, his style is rooted in something elusive and hard to define. Pure and simple, it’s hip.
'Scuse me; I've got to go throw up my lunch.

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Tim said...

I'll join you in the vomitorium.