20 April 2009

I Hope He Didn't Celebrate THAT Way.

What's the ONE issue that will genertate bipartisanship in the Minnesota legislature? Hiding DWI records, of course:

Rep. Tom Emmer got three amendments on, most notably making DWI records private if an offender does not re-offend for ten years. Emmer had DWIs back in '91 and '81, which the press revealed and now wouldn't know about under this bill. Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher jokes that Emmer is "excused for the rest of
the day" to celebrate after getting his amendments passed.
Linda Pfeilsticker, Tom Rukavina, Jim Metzen, Tom Emmer & who knows who else I'm not recalling right now . . . what's with all the criminally pickled grabbing per diem in Saint Paul?

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