25 April 2009

Making & Breaking Myths

The best and the brightest:
When it comes to mythologies, (United States Secretary of Homeland Security) Janet Napolitano is a one-woman Greek play – a myth a minute. It's nearly 8 years since the crash of the twin towers, and she still doesn't know - still - that all of the hijackers that brought tragedy that day - came into the USA - through their own customs and immigration ---- not one came down through the great forests of Toronto or over the tundra of Montreal, not one of them got access to the US via what Ms Napolitano thinks of as "borderless" Canada.

What is Barack Obama doing appointing someone to head Homeland Security, who, eight years after the attacks, does not even now know where the hijackers came from and how they got into their country? Here, it’s not her ignorance about Canada which should be troubling. It’s her ignorance of the most publicized event in modern American history. How can anyone be head of Homeland Security and not know the history of the 19 men who killed nearly 3,000 Americans?
Can you imagine the hysteria had a Bush lackey made such a series of blunders? Alas, these are the New Times of Obama, where the sympathetic press scrubs the slate clean daily.

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Tim said...

You know, it's truly disgusting the pass that this administration is getting from the press. Had anyone in the former administration pulled a boner this big, they would have been roasted over an open fire on a slow spit.