07 April 2009

Is That a Knock on the Door?

They told me that If I voted for John McCain, armed police would be kicking down the doors of those who did not agree with the government establishment, and THEY WERE RIGHT!

Jeff Pataky’s home was raided by ten Phoenix police officers armed with a warrant last month. He was out of town, and his girlfriend was handcuffed for three hours while police conducted the raid. They seized computers, files and anything associated with Pataky’s website — are you ready for this? — Bad Phoenix Cops.

In justifying the raid, Phoenix Assistant Chief Andy Anderson called Pataky’s site “an unaccredited grassroots Web site.” Um, Chief Anderson, who “accredits” web sites? This is the most chilling part of the whole thing to me, because the police and the courts in Phoenix have taken it upon themselves to determine who qualifies as “the press.”

Reynoldsism; best thing in type since Gutenberg.

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