28 April 2009

The People You Meet on the Street

I'm not sure who I think is most loathsome:

(1) The guy I saw in the parts department at a Chevy dealership yesterday who was returning chrome exhaust tips. He was upset that he couldn't attach them to his "primo ride" using radiator hose clamps. Sorry champ; exhaust pipes aren't made out of radiator hose.

(2) The woman in the crummy Plymouth (does 'regular maintenance' mean anything to you?) on 494 this morning sporting a bumper sticker that said "January 20, 2009: The End of Terror." Yea, terrorism has been switched off like a light hasn't it.

(3) The radio talk show host who wishes "all cars sold today were just like mid-60's Pontiacs." Hey, I'm a fan of Pontiac too, but I also dig radial tires, fuel injection, airbags, anti-lock brakes and emissions control. Lately I've been stunned by the across-the-spectrum mix of ego and ignorance lately on talk radio. I know a bit about cars and dogs and heard some whoppers of misinformation about both over the weekend. What if they're just as wrong about everything else?

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