10 September 2008

You're Welcome, Trees

You know, you don't have to worship at the high temple of Enviormental Lunacy to go along with that whole reduce, reuse, recycle thing. Fer instance - I just called three toll-free numbers and now wholly expect to not get anymore 36-pound phone books dropped on my doorstep.

I know some folks love them and cherish them as a vital resource. Here at the dog farm, we use the paperless and space-saving internet to find what we need. To others, piles of phone books are merely litter and can really soil the neighborhood.

Ed Kohler has a great post about this whole thing. It made sense to me and I've since been removed from the delivery cycles that previously dumped thousands of unused pages on my stoop, in my bushes, down my sidewalk, between my house and the neighbors house . . .

Here's the numbers that get it shut off in my area. They may work for you as well:

DEX: 877-243-8339
Yellow Book: 800-929-3556
Verizon: 800-555-4833

The Verizon phone option tree took the longest to get through, but all three folks I talked to were more than pleasant.

Join me in the future! Get off the book!

1 comment:

Sornie said...

The only plus to actual phone books is that after holding to anout two year's worth of drop-offs, you could wrangle them together and make some sort of modernist bench. An ugly bench but still a bench.